Friday, December 31, 2010

New AMP :D

Its finally happened. I bought my first GUITAR AMPLIFIER!! I have been long consulting people and asking friends about a good brand of amplifier to get. One of my friends Behringer amp was quite attractive, another recommended Orange. But I decided to go with something different, to try something new....

So heres the story, I went out yesterday with my brother and two of my friends, Hakim and Suhaib. We were just chilling, planning on checking out a movie and playing some pool. We were wondering around 1Utama for a bit, and we came across this music store. It was the coolest store I'd ever been to. They sold mainly LTD guitars, and they had Alexi signature guitars! (The guitar used by Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom that is)

So I was looking around for an affordable amp. I asked the nice sales guy to let me try some as I was interested in buying. He was a real sport and let me try 3 different amps, each one bigger than its predecessor, but still in my budget! :D

After sampling and listening to him play some sick riffs and solos, consulting my brother Yusuf even (cause hes like the technical pro guy), I decided on the biggest one. Well, in comparison to the others it was big, but its not like it was a huge cabinet or anything, but no matter. Not only was it in my budget, I got 10% holiday discount! That was sweet. My final decision was a KG112FX amplifier, as you can see below:
Moderately sized, super lightweight, 20 watt Kustom amplifier. It has Gain(always wanted that :D), super loud volume capacity which is incredible due to its size, switch between Reverb and Delay effects (not sure what these are honestly, but I cant wait to find out!), and the typical switch between clean and distortion, as well as the Bass, Middle and Treble knobs. 20 watts means its got real depth and sweet awesome sound. I experienced a real nice tone when playing around with the settings, and the sound quality is crisp and ..and... well, just outright RIGHTEOUS BEBEH!!

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